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Having a “First Look” has become more and more popular throughout the years. Most brides tend to ask their photographers and wedding coordinator what exactly a first look is.

The First Look is a special moment that is staged and setup by the wedding photographers that allows the bride and groom to have a special moment to see one another before the ceremony. Typically, the groom will be looking away, toward the photographer, while the bride approaches him from behind. As she approaches close to the groom, she will reach out to tap him on the shoulder, allowing the groom to turn around to see his beautiful wife to be for the very first time.

After they have taken in the moment of seeing one another, the photographer will then take the bride and groom for some portraits together.

Photo Credit: Sean Walker Photography

First Looks are highly recommends by wedding photographers and here are a few reasons why.

1. The First Look allows the bride and groom to have a very special moment of time together before the guests begin to arrive and ceremony and reception begins.

2. Having a First Look will also allow for more pictures to be taken of not only the bride and groom, but also of the bridal party and possibly some family members. If you were not to have a First Look and only take the bride and groom photos after the ceremony, you will only have a limited time during cocktail hour to take all of your photos (includes bridal party and family photos).

3. A First Look will allow you and your wedding party to go an enjoy your cocktail hour and the start of your reception sooner than later after the ceremony. There have been so many times where we see the bride and groom feeling rushed to finish post ceremony photos so that they can go and enjoy their guests and party. You never want to feel as though you are missing out on your special day because you have to take photos. With the First Look, you will be guaranteed to enjoy your reception and the entire experience for a longer period of time.

4. Of course there are still the couples who are very traditional and want the groom to see the bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle, but we have never heard of anyone regretting seeing one another before the ceremony. This is one step closer to minimizing your stress levels and maximizing your time to celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy your big day!

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